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I have to admit, I am terrible at keeping up with my blog posts. Something about getting off the water and getting on the computer is not really on my list of things I want to do. That said, I am going to put forth a better effort from now on. So, in catching up, […]

Apologies for the delay in blog posts! After an offseason of travel and sitting through cold fronts, it’s time to get back to business. Fresh off of several months of daily Rogaine treatments and most likely some brown mascara, “Mustache” Matt Cope showed up in the keys again to fish permit. The thing looks horrendous […]

Well, we finally got a break from the crappy spring and early summer weather and were blessed with a couple weeks of good sky, light winds, sweat soaked shirts, and tailing fish. My good friend Tom Rapone managed to break away from his busy schedule of guiding anglers out of Martha’s Vineyard and snuck down […]

After hooking and losing two permit, one due to a misplaced lobster trap and another due to a straightened gamakatsu, my angler and friend Matt Cope finally exorcized his permit demons and put this nice fish in the boat yesterday. The first photo pretty much sums it up.     *Photos courtesy of Frank “SWEETCHEEKS” […]

It’s days like today that make “winter” in Key West, and the days of being stuck in the house while the water temp is in the mid 60’s and the wind is North at 35 and gusty, worth it. With the right combination of weather the winter permit fishing can be stellar and today was […]

As most of you know the Tarpon season here in Key West is and has been in full swing for some time….hence the lack of posts from Ryan and I.  80* temps and high humidity takes its toll both on the brain and body, but that’s another post for another time. We enjoyed an April […]

The fishing is still hot in KW! This past weeks fishing brought additional permit to the boat and a few Tarpon decided to eat our flies. One of my Finnish anglers continued to carry the torch for his country… landing two Permit after two days of fishing Permit for the first time. Some people get […]

Well, it’s hard to find the words to express how I feel right now after winning the 2011 March Merkin tournament.  My angler Mike Dawes and I have been working hard to post a win for four years now and it has finally happened! Our week started with 3 days of very tough pre-fishing that […]