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I have to admit, I am terrible at keeping up with my blog posts. Something about getting off the water and getting on the computer is not really on my list of things I want to do. That said, I am going to put forth a better effort from now on. So, in catching up, […]

Well, we finally got a break from the crappy spring and early summer weather and were blessed with a couple weeks of good sky, light winds, sweat soaked shirts, and tailing fish. My good friend Tom Rapone managed to break away from his busy schedule of guiding anglers out of Martha’s Vineyard and snuck down […]

About an hour ago, a long, red line on the radar passed over Key West and bringing the end to what has been a truly great week of fishing here in Key West. It all started last weekend with a day that Don and I had jumping 3 tarpon and landing 4 really nice bonefish […]

Well….After spending the last three days on the water fishing Permit I think it’s safe to say the 2012 Permit season is off to a great start! Angler Alex Maher from Jackson Wyoming took his spot on the bow of my boat Wednesday hoping to catch his first Permit in the Florida Keys. We set […]

As most of you know the Tarpon season here in Key West is and has been in full swing for some time….hence the lack of posts from Ryan and I.  80* temps and high humidity takes its toll both on the brain and body, but that’s another post for another time. We enjoyed an April […]

Well our first group of clients flew out Sunday afternoon after five great days of fishing and we have taken a couple days to regroup, watch the Super Bowl, do laundry and tie more flies. It feels like tarpon season in Key West with the amount of flies that we go through here, these fish […]

Well today ended a 3 day Bonefish fest here in the Bahamas. Ryan and I fished three consecutive days of outstanding Bonefishing. Yesterday marked a day I will never forget! Without a doubt, the BEST day of PERSONAL Bonfishing I have ever had. Handfuls of 8 to 10+ pound fish poured into crystal clear water, […]