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Clouds, rain, tarpon, and computer hackers

We apologize for the delay in the blog, been a little busy for the past several months. If you have ever guided a tarpon season in the Keys then you know what I mean.

I would have to say that this will probably go down as one of the more difficult seasons on record. The weather really kicked our asses at times, more than I have ever experienced before. Seems the weather has been strange all over the country from what I hear from clients and other anglers. La Nina needs to go away, that’s all I know.

When we did have sun to light up the flats and weren’t wetter than the fish we were looking for, the fishing was very, very good. Definitely no shortage of fish around. It sure makes things a lot easier and more fun for everyone when you can actually see them though.

As we head into late summer and early fall (maybe my favorite time of year) I am optimistic that the crazy weather pattern will stay away and we will have some really great permit, bonefish, and baby tarpon fishing. I have already had some pretty sick tailing permit action at the end of the day towards sunset and I am really looking forward to a lot more of it.

I will post some pics in the next couple weeks and hopefully the guy that hacked our website won’t jack everything up again. If you are the guy who did it and you are reading this, I just want to say that I am truly sorry that no one wanted you on their baseball team in middle school, you had your head dunked in the toilet on a regular basis by the lineman from the football team, you are still a virgin, and you live in your moms basement but stick to dungeons and dragons and leave our site alone. Thanks.


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