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Home Sweet Home!!!

Well….After a great run of fishing in the Bahamas we are back in Key West! Its always good to get back to all the things that make our country and the Keys one of the best places to live and fish in the world.

Capt. Ryan and I got out yesterday for a few hours of fishing and found plenty of Tarpon around. We had 3-6¬† shots and jumped¬† one poon. Not bad for 2 hours of fishing in March…for Tarpon!

I will be getting ready for the March Merkin tournament that starts on March 14th with lots of prefishing and scouting. I have a new fly pattern that was custom tied by a great wrapper out west that’s dieing to be fished! The weather is great right now and the water temps are in the high 70’s!

Lets hope this pattern holds and provides us with one hell of a tournament!

Stay tuned!!!

Capt. Don

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