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Unreal Bonefish…….

Well today ended a 3 day Bonefish fest here in the Bahamas. Ryan and I fished three consecutive days of outstanding Bonefishing. Yesterday marked a day I will never forget! Without a doubt, the BEST day of PERSONAL Bonfishing I have ever had. Handfuls of 8 to 10+ pound fish poured into crystal clear water, over white sand, all under clear blue skies! UNREAL!

Both Ryan and I were able to step up our game and land a few 8+ pound fish in addition to two fish that were over 10lbs. Conservation is the name of the game here. Fish stay in the water and are quickly released, de-barbed hooks are mandatory and fish are landed quickly in an effort to preserve this gem we call Andros!

Looks like we may have a little bit of weather on the horizon. We now wait with anticipation. Will there be another day like yesterday?

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